I am a photo and video creator focused on natural, creative and holistic life themes.
My drive is a curiosity of people’s stories who follow their passion, change their and others lives for better and search for deeper meaning of life. 
My videos are closest to documentary style connecting story, focus on details, sometimes amazing views in timelapses and good music. 
I love sincerity, real look, sunrises and sunsets, macro details, simplicity and authentic stories.
My life project is Live Fully - series of inspirational videos with inspiring people around the world but also a full documentary.
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Since very young I was connected to the Nature,  exploring her beauty and abundance during escapades to the forests, meadows, countryside and mountains. 
Always attracted to her beauty in every plant but also the sun, rains, winds and storms I started to create in diverse domains like peinture, sculpture, handmade products and cooking. 
Finally in my late teens I discovered camera and her power. Since my twenties I've spent countless hours photographing every plant that I've could.
After quite long period of trying to be "normal" that I've been exploring the field of managing positions and marketing I  finally realize that my soul craves creation
In the meantime I've also discovered power of moving pictures especially showing real people and living Nature through my lenses. The possibility of combining these pictures with music moved me to higher vibes of conveying message and emotions.
Here I am, giving you my creativity and putting my heart into creations.
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